Batteries for our future??

Hi engineers..

here i wanna share about batteries.. as you know that my final project in my bachelor degree of electrical engineering ITS is about charging batteries which used in stand-alone power system.

Here my point topic is batteries as our future?? you or people said that renewable energy is our future?? but how you can said that batteries..
image from IEEE green energy
and you are also right, while people said, in the future when the fossil fuel or petrol is running out.. i'm sure that someday it will happen, i can guarantee that. cause, now think about 70yrs ago, while petrol exploration is booming in midwest arab, let say that the company invested 1 barrel cost to explored and produced petrol, and then they got 100 barrel.. and by the times, their exploration to find new reservoir of oil is more difficult than before, it means for the example, they must took deeper to reach reservoir and then pumped it to surface, so the invested cost also increased, now it's estimated 1 barrel for 30 barrel.
So when the ratio reach 1:2 or even 1:1 , is it possible for energy company to produced and explored oil?? so that's why i said that someday the fossil fuel will collaps and runs out.. so what are you doing in that time?? cried?? hopeless?? or desperate?? i think you must know about renewable energy

and back to renewable energy, ok we can produced electricity from photovoltaic, wind turbine, geothermal, hydro power, or anything else.. but the problem is where you can stored those electrical energy? like we said before, in the past our main kind energy is petrol, and our future energy is electrical energy.. if we have a gasoline we can stored it in the tank, right?? in your car, motorbike, truck, there's a fuel tank??  Also for electric energy, you can stored it in the "tank" which we called it batteries, right??

and the problem is, batteries technology is so old-style and doesnt have any improvement since sony introduced Lithium-Ion 20yrs ago for mobile phone or gadgets, like batteris which powering your phone now, most of them used lithium-ion batteries.. this batt is so thin but have big energy capacity.

But, you know that if you charged your phone/gadget?? it takes a time?? and the times depends on your capacity and also the level..

so that's why the problem for our future which used electric energy, for the example in electric vehicle which used electric motors and also the power or fuel comes from batteries.. do you want to wait for the charging time which took a couple of hour to recharged your electric car's batteries???

just imagine that someday, the batteries is like fuel tank in your car, which filled in just a couple of minute, and could runs in long distance like your cars..

maybe that just imagined from me, but i believed that we can build and research the best batteries for our future?? cause this our challenges for us!!


Saturday, May 18, 2013
Posted by:Maula Nurul Khakam ON: Saturday, May 18, 2013

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